Weighted Blanket

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"Slept like a baby with the weighted blanket! The quality of my sleep is currently over the moon." - Ghanima

  • No artificial fillers
  • Made from a cotton and polyester blend
  • Air gaps in the braids to keep you cool
  • Evenly weighted with dense fabric 

Curl up under our weighted blanket and feel the stress of your day melt away. The soft pressure of a weighted blanket has been shown to help reduce stress hormones and can increase serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin levels to promote happiness and rest.

You can relax knowing our weighted blanket is Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, so it's free from toxins, harsh chemicals, and plastics too. Most weighted blankets are filled with plastic pellets, but we use a soft yet sturdy fabric to add weight naturally. Plus it's easy to care for. You can machine wash and dry it!

Use your weighted blanket year-round. The loose weave texture keeps you cool while making you feel cozy and calm.

5kg: 100cm x 150cm
8kg: 110cm x 180cm
11kg: 120m x 190cm

Your weighted blanket should be around 10% of your body weight.

40KG - 65KG → 5KG Blanket
65KG - 90KG → 8KG Blanket
90KG - 130KG → 11KG Blanket

Wash separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Avoid hanging to dry.

Relaxation Companion Trusted by 1,000+

Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better

The cozy feeling of the Weighted Blanket can improve your sleep. It has been shown to increase the release of melatonin making your dreams even sweeter. The loose weave texture prevents overheating too.

Reduce Anxiety

A natural way to calm down and chill out. Burrow under the Weighted Blanket and let your stress melt away as it relaxes your nervous system.

Feels Like a Hug

Enhance your relaxation time. The gentle pressure of the Weighted Blanket has been shown to encourage the production of feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Superior Airflow

Superior Airflow

Stay cool under the weighted blanket thanks to air gaps between the braids.

Even Wight Distribution

Even Weight Distribution

The dense fabric inside the braids provides soft, evenly distributed pressure.

100% Fabric

Made From 100% Fabric

Unlike generic weighted blankets, we don't fill ours with plastic pellets.

Customer Reviews

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Alia Abdullah


Abdulrahman Alruwaili
love it!!

its so good, maybe just needs to bigger size variations

Fajer ALNasser
Fajer faisal

Its so comfy.
Your products are amazing.

Mohammad AlKout
Amazing Product

First of all i would like to thank the support for the super fast response and cooperation.
The product is amazing don't remember when was the last time i had such good quality sleep

1st weighted blanket

It was a definitely a different experience to sleep with the weighted blanket, those opening makes it very breathable even though the blanket is heavy but doesn’t feel suffocating at all, in fact this is the first time I could sleep with a blanket without wanting to throw the blanket away, that being said, I bought the recommended weight (the lightest for my body weight) but did not the expect the size to be this small.

Bob Somebody
On the 11KG variant...

Haven't used it yet personally, but other family members, who regularly do use the 8KG variant, prefer the 11's tighter webbing, its more uniform weighting, and its larger coverage.

Perfect sleep

I haven't slept like this for ages