Home goods for slow living

Go ahead. Cancel your plans.

The world can wait.

It’s time to slow down, reconnect with your loved ones, and embrace the stillness.

In a world that’s all about the hustle and grind, Onebase is challenging the status quo.

We invite you to...

●  Enjoy your coffee curled up on the couch, savoring your favorite single-origin roast — not rushing to the office.

●  Unwind from a stressful day by laughing with your spouse while bingeing your favorite sitcom.

●  Upgrade your space with carefully crafted modern home goods that truly represent your style.

Enhance your everyday rituals with thoughtfully designed products.

Hi, I’m Abdulmohsen.

I’m an anti-hustle entrepreneur and the founder of Onebase. The idea for our best-selling Tray Table literally fell into my lap...

One Sunday, I was eating dinner and watching Netflix on the couch. My favorite show + favorite meal = bliss. To me, it’s how I unwind and decompress from a busy day at work.

As I awkwardly leaned over my coffee table trying to take a bite and not miss the action on screen, I dropped a big glob of sauce right in my lap.

That was the moment Onebase was born.

I became obsessed with creating the perfect table for eating, working, and relaxing on the couch. It took four years, three designers, and multiple prototypes to get it right. I’m passionate about understanding people’s habits and translating them into simple products that solve problems.

Home goods should be designed for the way we actually live our lives. They should be beautiful, functional, and made to last.

You deserve to relax in a home surrounded by items that inspire you. And it’s my mission to help you do that and enjoy every moment.

Ready to bring more intention into your interior?

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Minimal and Functional

From your morning coffee, to an afternoon Zoom meeting, to unwinding in the evening — our Tray Table is there when you need it.

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Sleep Better, Naturally

Calm and comforting our weighted blanket will help you de-stress, relax, and fall asleep faster.

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